Localities & Member Practices

NHS Coventry and Rugby CCG has a locality structure consisting of Godiva, InSpires and Rugby.

The current Chairs of each locality are: 

  • Dr Sarah Raistrick, Godiva
  • Dr Peter O’Brien, InSpires
  • Dr Deepika Yadav, Rugby.

Nikkie Temperley is the Head of Localities and is supported by Locality managers who include:

  • Jag Tomlinson, Locality Manager
  • Rebecca Young, Locality Manager

InSpires has 24 practices, Godiva has 34 practices and Rugby has 12 practices. To contact the Localities team, please email localities@coventryrugbyccg.nhs.uk

Please click here for information on how practices working together can access Transformation Funding from the CCG.

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