Safeguarding training

Level 1

Staff Groups- Induction for All staff in a Health Care Setting (Clinical and Non Clinical)
How often - Within 6 weeks of taking up the post, then 0.5PA (1PA= 4 hours) every 3 years

Health Education England – Safeguarding E-Learning

Child Safeguarding: Level 1                                  
Adult Safeguarding: Level 1                                 

Level 2

All clinical staff and non-clinical staff (completed Level 1) who may have contact with children, young people and/or parents/carers (such as Practice based Nurses)

How often- 0.75 PA- 1PA every 3 Years (1PA=4 hours)

Health Education England – Safeguarding E-Learning

Child Safeguarding: Level 2                                  

Adult Safeguarding: Level 2                                  

Level 3 (Adult)

Coventry Safeguarding Adults Board - Training Programme 2018/2019

Level 3 (Child)

All staff (completed Level 1 & 2) who will have regular contact with children, young people and parents/carer (such as Gp's, Practice Nurses) and those that manage these staff (e.g. Practice Managers)

How Often - 1.5 Pa's over 3 years. Recommended 0.5 Annually (1PA=4 hours)

Coventry Safeguarding Children Board - Inter-agency Training Programme 2019/20

CSA Conference 7th May 2019 - Videos/Training material

Presentation 1 Jo Gifford Designated Doctor Safeguarding Introduction to Child Sexual Abuse:

Presentation 2 Jo Floyd West Midlands Police perspective on Child Sexual Abuse :

Presentation 3 Jo Gifford Designated Doctor Safeguarding Health perspective on Child Sexual Abuse :


Coventry Public Health Department have provided Webinars on the following topics and the supporting videos  can now be accessed via the link below.

  • Non-Accidental Injuries (NAI)

  • Supporting Young People with Risky Behaviours;

  • Responding to Perpetrators of Domestic Abuse

  • Safety Planning for Domestic Abuse






Warwickshire Child Safeguarding Level 3                                                                                                                   

WSCB Training Directory  

SCB CS170 Children at the heart of what we do workshop - Serious Case Review

WSCB recently launched a new training opportunity for all multi-agency professionals; Children at the heart of what we do.  The workshops have been designed with the aim to share learning that has been gathered from a recent local Serious Case Review (SCR), as well as national SCRs.  Each workshop lasts for 2.5 hours and are taking place across the county until the end of the year. 

As part of continuous development of our learning programme, evaluation feedback has been collated from workshops that have taken place so far which has led to the change in the workshop title.  We want to ensure that it is clear for all that the workshop focuses upon learning from a WSCB SCR and national reports. 

Each workshop is a multi-agency event and places are limited for some dates.  To find out future workshop dates, venues and further information, please check WILMa:

NEW - SCB CS170 Children at the heart of what we do - Serious Case Review workshop

You will need to have a registered account to access WILMa.  To help set up an account if you do not have one, please email who will be able to send you a straightforward user guide.  

Other opportunities

FGM Online resource:
Session Slideshow - FGM and FGM Presentation

Prevent training guidance and resources

CSAB Multi-Agency Learning Event - Financial Scamming and Fraud - 24.06.19

Contextual Safeguarding Ted Tal by Carlene Firmin

Warwickshire training dates

Coventry training dates


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