Health and Social Care Information Sharing


Health and Social Care organisations in Coventry and Warwickshire are working together on an exciting long-term project to join up our health and care system to benefit you and your families. This will be designed around your needs, both as citizens and patients, within the communities we serve. This will help us to focus on supporting you to live well, stay healthy and remain independent, as well as helping to prevent and manage the impact of illness more effectively.


Why have organisations decided to take this decision?

You have been telling us for some years that you only want to share you information once and therefore we have listened and developed a system that allows us to view your GP Medical records with your consent we will be able to see your record.


Will my records be stored elsewhere?

No, with your consent your medical records can only be viewed, however it remains at your GP Practice.


Can my medical record be copied?

No, we cannot copy your GP medical record.


Can I access my GP Medical Record?

Yes, if you wish to have access to your medical record, please discuss this with your GP Practice receptionist.


Was there any consultation with members of the public?

Yes, we approached Coventry Healthwatch and Warwickshire Healthwatch Boards who represent members of the public and Lay Members across the area.


Why has this letter come about?

When you registered at your GP practice you were advised that the information you gave would only be used by that practice. We are now asking your permission to share your medical record to improve your health and well-being by enabling you to use services quickly at the right time.


Why was the letter not mailed in an envelope?

To ensure that the logos of the organisations involved in this project were easily identifiable to members of the household and they would recognise that this was not a circular. Had we of put the letter in an envelope there was a high possibility that a plain envelope would have gone unnoticed as many circulars are put in envelopes and addressed ‘dear householder’


Why was the letter addressed to Householder?

The letter was addressed to the Householder as the data protection act prohibits us from having your personal identifiable information unless we have your permission.


Will the information be held safely?

Security of your personal information is of our upmost priority and this is why we are only viewing and not storing or copying it onto another system.


Who will see my GP records information?

With your consent only Health and Social care professionals will be able to access your information.


What are the benefits of doing this?

Ø  Faster and easier access to your medical information

Ø  Improves safety and quality of your care

Ø  Less time filling in forms

Ø  More secure than your GP sending your referral by fax, letter or courier

Ø  Enables safer delivery of care in an emergency

Ø  Takes out a lot of stress from hospital visits

Ø  Enables those caring for you to view up-to-date information at that time


Who will have access to the information?

The person treating you can only view your information with your consent.


How are you communicating this to vulnerable communities/groups?

We are in the process of using a range of local networks and channels to communicate this letter.  

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