'Somethings Not Right'

‘Something’s not right ‘ campaign for child sexual exploitation

Several high profile cases of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), Rotherham, Rochdale and Oxford, have raised national interest. In Rochdale and Rotherham there was criticism of the police and social services for their failure to intervene early enough due to a perception that victims were engaging in sexual relationships consensually.

Much of the media attention has been around group CSE, but CSE does not just happen in groups and gangs - family members and individuals can be involved, and media attention has not reflected this.

The aim of this campaign is to:

  • Raise awareness of CSE
  • Provide a single point of contact in Warwickshire for CSE help and advice
  • Engage with CSE victims
  • Engage with the family and friends of CSE victims
  • Engage with the business sector (taxis and hospitality)
  • Educate professionals
  • Create a new website as the hub for information and guidance

The campaign hook is the line ‘something’s not right…’ playing on the voice inside that suggests at times that a situation just does not feel right.

Currently there are 173 children identified as at risk in Warwickshire of CSE.

The project has been made possible thanks to Sexual Assault Referral Centre funding (Blue Sky Centre) a Sexual Assault Referral Centre for women, men and children; it recognises all forms of sexual violence including:

  • Rape
  • Sexual Assault
  • Childhood Sexual Abuse
  • Rape within marriage
  • Female Genital Mutilation
  • Trafficking
  • Sexual Exploitation

It is key in this campaign:

  • To obtain multi-agency support for the CSE campaign
  • To create a single brand campaign for CSE
  • To outline a multi-channel campaign to raise awareness of CSE

For any concerns regarding Child sexual exploitation please contact the helpline on 01926 684490 to discuss your concerns or visit www.somethingsnotright.co.uk  

The designated nurse for child protection will contact Primary care practices when it is known that a child or young person is at risk of CSE to ensure that GP’s and practice nurses are aware of the risks and other professionals involved in working with the young person.

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