Compliments & Patient Stories

If you have a positive experience to share, we would like to pass on your compliments to the relevant staff and to share this within the organisation. Please also let us know if you've had a good experience of care as this also helps us develop and improve our services. 

All feedback can be sent to:

Patient stories - Your NHS journey 

At our monthly Governing Body meetings we hear and discuss patient experiences regarding their NHS healthcare, referred to as a ‘patient story’.  These stories are either read out by the patient, relative or carer, or they are anonymised and read out by an NHS staff member. 

Patient stories bring experiences to life.  They encourage the NHS to focus on patient experience rather than just a clinical condition or an outcome.  

The Governing Body members use patient stories as an opportunity to understand the impact of someone's experience on them, their family and carers. It helps see things through a patient's eyes and is often a very powerful way to start the meeting to influence the atmosphere in which the meeting takes place.

If you would like to share your ‘patient story’ with the CCG, please email or call: 02476 246 190 to discuss this further. 

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