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When the Freedom of Information Act 2000 came into force it made public authorities responsible for making the information that they hold available to the public. A publication scheme is a system, normally website, by which a public authority makes a commitment to routinely publish information to members of the public. The publication scheme also holds a general index of the classes of information contained within, so that individuals can see what types of information are/should be available.

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) is responsible for auditing and assisting public authorities with the publication scheme. As part of this they have produced a model scheme to which public authorities can adhere. CRCCG has decided to adopt and formally commit to the ICO's model scheme. For further information, including a variety of helpful guidance notes regarding the publication scheme and related Acts, please visit the ICO's website at

This publication scheme is a signpost to CRCCG information that is available online. Through the website we endeavour to publish as much information as possible, and to ensure that the information available is routinely checked and maintained for accuracy. The information contained within our site has been laid out in what we hope is an easy to use and comprehensive manner, and covers every class of information set out by the Information Commissioner's Office for a standard publication scheme.

All information contained within the publication scheme can be re-used in it's original context free of charge for non-commercial, or not for profit purposes. For all other purposes a Re-use of Information licence would be required from CRCCG. If you would like further information not contained within the scheme, please contact

The classes of information available are as follows:

The Publication Scheme pages were last updated in November 2014.

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