How we make decisions

Being a public authority, CRCCG is aware that the decisions we make effect the public and the spending of public monies, therefore we try to involve and consult with the public as much as possible.

The homepage of our website contains advertising spaces where we regularly advertise any upcoming consultation events. We also use these spaces to make the public aware of any documents available for consultation as well as the latest news and features which we believe may be of interest to the public of Coventry and Rugby.  The Consultation section details consultation exercises and provides access to consultation papers and the results of such exercises.  This is our way of keeping Coventry and Rugby residents informed about health services in their area; consulting local communities about planned changes to health services; and involving communities when decisions are being made which will affect how health services are provided.

CRCCG has a standing invitation to members of the public to attend the public part of the bi-monthly Governing Body meetings and invites the public to ask questions.  The dates and times of the meetings are published, along with copies of the Governing Body papers on the website under the Governing Body meeting sections

Updates regarding CRCCG are made available to the public and press via our Communications Team. This is done through media releases  on the press section of our website. If you would like to make a press enquiry or contact the Communications Team, please do so by emailing

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