What we spend and how we spend it

Within the Our Spending section of the web site there is information on the financial reports, budget allocation. 

Our annual statement of accounts can be found in our Annual Report, which provides a full yearly account of how monies have been allocated throughout CRCCG. It also provides insight into other accountable information, such as Governing Body members allowances and expenses. Our Annual Audit Letter can also be found on our website. Further information and financial reports can also be found within the Governing Body reports

In order to carry out its duties CRCCG has a number of sub committees, including:

  • Audit Committee
  • Clinical Quality and Governance Committee
  • Performance Committee
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups sub committee

Reports, agendas and minutes from CRCCG’s Governing Body are available by contacting us through Contacting the CCG

As the lead organisation for the NHS across Coventry and Rugby we are responsible for making sure funding for health services is targeted where it is needed the most, NHS care is of the highest standard and, ultimately, local people are able to lead longer, healthier lives. This role is known as commissioning and involves directing NHS funds into a wide range of services that meet the needs of all communities in both Coventry and Rugby.

Details of any current tenders can be found at the following websites:

List and value of contracts awarded - Contracts Finder – Gov.uk:  this provides some contract information for the public sector, however the all requirements for the Commissioning Support Unit and Clinical Commissioning Groups will be advertised via Supply2Health or the OJEU.

if you require any information regarding procurement estates please feel free to request information from us under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 through our dedicated Freedom of Information link at mail to:  foi@ardencsu.nhs.uk

All pay grades are currently included as jobs go out to advert on the NHS website. For all current job vacancies please visit www.nhs.uk/jobs and search for jobs within Coventry and Rugby. CRCCG follows the Agenda for Change pay structure. For a full list of NHS pay rates please visit the NHS Careers website.

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