Equality and diversity monitoring

NHS Coventry and Rugby CCG is committed to improving patient outcomes and reducing health inequalities.

We recognise there are some sections of society which find it more difficult to access NHS services, whether because of language, social or financial status or where they live. 

In order to try and help these communities access the services they need, we will sometimes ask people to complete equality and diversity monitoring sections at the end of questionnaires.

The types of information you might be asked for includes:

  • Sex
  • Age
  • Disability
  • Ethnic origin
  • Religion and belief
  • Sexual orientation

We will also ensure that there is a "prefer not to say" option if you would prefer not to divulge any of this information.

Why do we ask for this information?
Understanding the diverse makeup of our local population helps us to identify their needs and whether the services we provide are right for our patients and communities. It also helps us to know whether our services are provided fairly and equally, regardless of background. Finally, it helps us to ensure our services can be more accessible and inclusive to all.

For more information

Visit our equality and diversity page to see how we're promoting and protecting equality and diversity.

Read Stonewall's leaflet "What's it got to do with you?" to understand more about why organisations ask you to complete equality and diversity questions.

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