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Local residents, CCG staff and the new practice team join the Mayor of Rugby, Mark Pawsey MP and local councillors at the official Brownsover Medical Centre opening event on 14th February, 2019.


The CCG took responsibility for the Brownsover Medical Centre development programme in October 2017. The development of a new practice had been long-delayed, which had understandably frustrated local residents, so the CCG took a very proactive approach to involving patients in the commissioning process.

Using NHS England’s ‘Framework for patient and public participation in primary care commissioning’ and NHS England, NHS Wessex and Healthwatch’s ‘Involving people in NHS England’s procurement processes: An advice note for Commissioners’; the CCG set out a clear engagement strategy that put local people at the heart of the process to provide GP services at the practice once it opens in early 2019.

How we involved people

Creating a shared vision

During an engagement event in February 2018, we worked with local residents to create a shared vision for the project moving forward:

"Working together to ensure patients are at the heart of Brownsover Medical Centre"

Understanding what was important to local residents

 During this event, we also asked people to tell us what was most important to them and what they'd like to see from their new surgery.

Patient feedback

This feedback was then presented by Healthwatch Warwickshire to potential bidders at a market engagement event.

Creating a Patient Advisory Forum

We asked for volunteers to take part in a Patient Advisory Forum. This group would be involved in the procurement of a new provider of medical services for Brownsover Medical Centre. The group had representation from:

  • Local residents
  • Brownsover Community Association
  • Brownsover Patient Action Group
  • Healthwatch Warwickshire
  • Making Space Health and Wellbeing
  • Warwickshire Equality and Inclusion Partnership
  • Warwickshire Community and Voluntary Action

These community and voluntary sector organisations were specifically chosen to join the forum as the best representatives of local people following our review of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and local intelligence and community links.

Some members of the group were asked to be involved in the following activities, for which we gave them special training and support:

  • Helping draft the invitation to tender, specifically the patient engagement and involvement questions
  • Reviewing and scoring the submissions we received
  • Interviewing the final candidates

Choosing the colour scheme of the practice

The Patient Advisory Forum was also given the opportunity to vote for the colour scheme which would be used to decorate the practice, based on the following themes: Rugby Clock Tower, Rugby Golf Course, Rugby School and "Coastal Waves". The group chose Rugby Golf Course as the preferred scheme and this has now been used to decorate throughout the practice.

Responding to feedback

At an engagement event in July 2018, we provided an update for local people on progress with the surgery. We also discussed how we'd responded to their feedback, as detailed in the table below:

What we said we'd do What people told us they wanted What we did
Involve people in the procurement process Use community venues Used the local church for all future engagement
Create a Patient Advisory Forum Give more notice for events Gave two weeks + notice when advertising events
Improve our engagement with local people over Brownsover Medical Centre Make it clear events are open to all (following confusion over whether the February 2018 event was invitation only) Made it very clear events were open to all, and asked local residents and community groups to share the invite more widely
  Create a newsletter to share with the community Created the "Brownsover Bulletin", which was shared in local schools, shops and the church
  Lots of feedback on what they wanted from their new medical centre Asked Healthwatch Warwickshire to present this feedback to potential bidders at a market engagement event

Brownsover Bulletin

To help keep the local community informed of the latest goings on with the medical centre, we have created the "Brownsover Bulletin". This newsletter contains the latest info and is distributed to local shops and community venues.

Brownsover Bulletin Issue 1

Brownsover Bulletin Issue 2

Local people holding copies of Brownsover Bulletin

Local people were delighted with the Brownsover Bulletin

Latest News

January 2019

Brownsover Medical Centre opens to local residents on Monday, 28th January 2019, following £2.3 million investment and extensive community involvement

November 2018

Local residents given behind-the-scenes tour of new Brownsover Medical Centre ahead of its opening


Local residents, CCG staff and others were given a behind-the-scenes tour of the new site

July 2018

Local patients lead the way to securing new GP services for Brownsover Medical Centre

February 2018

Ground-breaking ceremony to mark start of construction of £2.3m new surgery and community centre

PATIENT LETTER - Spirit Healthcare takeover health services from 1st December 2018November 2018 - Read the letter here.

- 12/09/2018

NHS Coventry and Rugby Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has been made aware of a delay to the construction of the new Brownsover Medical Centre. Unfortunately, this delay has been caused by a number of issues, such as the inclement weather earlier in the year and difficulty procuring some of the materials required for the construction. Read more here.

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