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What are ‘out of hospital’ services?
‘Out of hospital’ services are a vital bridge between your GP and the hospital. They make sure patients receive the right care in the best environment for them and we want your help making sure we get them right for local people.

Some examples of Out of Hospital services include:

  • Care for people with long-term conditions - e.g. community based management of stroke, diabetes
  • Care Homes - offer accommodation and personal care for people who may not be able to live independently. Some homes also offer care from qualified nurses or specialise in caring for particular groups such as younger adults with learning disabilities
  • Walk-in Centres - offer convenient access to a range of treatments and treat minor illnesses and injuries e.g. infections and rashes
  • Social Prescribing - links patients to support in the community at the primary care stage and gives GPs a non-medical referral option that can complement existing treatments
  • Care delivered by Integrated Neighbourhood Teams (INTs) – multi-disciplinary teams of health and social care professionals looking after people with complex conditions who have, or are at risk of developing, the most acute healthcare needs
  • End of life care - the support given to people in the last months or years of their life. Different health and social care professionals may be involved in someone’s end of life care, It can also be delivered in a number of settings depending on the patient’s wishes. 

What is the Out of Hospital programme?


The Out of Hospital programme is about making sure we treat as many people as possible outside of a hospital setting. For the first two years this will be focused on the 5% of service users who use the most services and are likely to be our most frail and elderly.

The programme will make sure we provide the best care we can, and in the most cost effective way. This means doing more to ‘join-up’ care available in the community with care available at hospital. It also means working much more with our partners who have a host of valuable skills and who need to be part of our team.

What have we commissioned?

The CCG, working with Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Partnership Trust and South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust as the lead providers, is looking to deliver the outcomes listed below.

The providers have involved a wide range of stakeholders, such as local authorities, community and voluntary sector and patients, through a series of “working together/design” boards.

  1. People are encouraged and supported to optimise their health and wellbeing
  2. People will be treated in a safe, effective and appropriate way to avoid harm
  3. People will be better supported in their rehabilitation after a period of ill health
  4. More personalised care will be provided for people approaching the end of their lives to maximise their independence
  5. People have an excellent experience of care
  6. Organisations are designed so that individuals within them can work together more easily

How will these services be better?

Our vision is:

  • For people to receive the support they need to maximise their independence, wellbeing, quality of life and potential for recovery after an episode of ill health.
  • To empower individuals to stay healthier for longer within their local communities
  • To do all we can to promote prevention of ill-health, particularly doing more to target help for frail and vulnerable people and people with long term conditions such as diabetes or heart trouble
  • To provide rapid response to escalating health needs
  • To provide timely, supported discharge with an emphasis on promoting recovery and re-ablement
  • To operate within clear consistent pathways of care including working with voluntary and community groups.

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