Our principles of participation


We’ll come to you rather than expect you to come to us, and involve you in ways that work for you


We’ll promote equality and diversity, respect and encourage different beliefs and opinions in order to better understand the needs of everyone who lives in Coventry and Warwickshire


We’ll work hard to involve those who might otherwise struggle to have their voices heard


We’ll value your lived experience and use all the strengths and talents people bring to work towards shared goals and improvements


We’ll make sure information is clear and easy to understand, whilst recognising that people may have different needs


We’ll plan and budget for involvement to make sure you’re involved as early as possible


We’ll be open, honest and transparent about how we work, tell you about the reason for decisions we make and be clear about any resource constraints we have. Where we can’t tell you everything, because the information is confidential, we’ll explain why


We’ll invest in our relationships and partnerships, have ongoing conversations and provide the training, support and information to help all of us work, learn and improve together


We’ll review the feedback we receive, both good and bad, and learn from it to continuously improve how people are involved


We’ll recognise and celebrate people’s contributions and explain how your involvement helped us improve services. Where your feedback can’t be taken on board, we’ll always try to explain why, where possible.

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