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Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST) simplified version- CRCCG statement

CRCCG have adopted a simplified version of MUST (developed by Aylesbury Vale and Chiltern CCG 2014) to use in Coventry care homes.

This version of MUST is a further simplified form of MUST developed by the award-winning Focus on Undernutrition Team in 2012. Focus on Undernutrition team recognised that many health and care staff find the ‘standard’ MUST difficult to understand and complete accurately. Inaccurate completion of MUST can lead to under-identification of malnutrition.

Evidence demonstrates that people who are wrongly ‘screened out’ can suffer neglect as a result of inaccurate screening. Using a simplified version of MUST can reduce errors in completion and have a positive impact on correct identification and treatment of malnutrition, which will reduce the likelihood of patients requiring additional GP visits, prescribing and admission to hospital as a result of their malnutrition.

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