Medicines Waste

Over £6 million is wasted on unused medication each year in Coventry and Rugby. Take control of your medication and only order what you need.  

 So, what can you do to help reduce the amount of wasted medicine? 

  1. Check your medicine cabinet for medication that is no longer needed or out-of-date & dispose of it at your pharmacy where it will be destroyed safely. 
  2. Don’t tick every box on your repeat prescription if you don’t need every item. You’ll still be able to order those medications in future.

  3. Take control of your repeat prescription and speak to your surgery about ordering your repeat prescription online. 

Over-ordering common medicines such as inhalers, paracetamol and insulin can mean cabinets containing medicine that is no longer needed or out-of-date. Reducing the amount of medicine that is wasted can generate savings that can be spent on other local NHS services. 

What can £6 million buy the NHS?

An extra £6m could for example pay for 857 hip replacements, 250 practice nurses and even 240,000 extra GP appointments!

A short animation has been put together to help promote the campaign and highlight the scale of the issue. It shows £6 million could buy 6,451,612 bandages and it would circle Coventry ring road 804 times! 

Below is a link to the short animation along with leaflet and poster promoting the Medicines waste campaign to raise awareness of the amount of money wasted each year. You can print them off and display in your GP practice or Pharmacy.

Ivor Animation
Ivor Leaflet
Ivor Poster

If you require hardcopies for any of the above materials, please email

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