What can a personal health budget not be spent on

There are things that it would not be right for the Government to fund such as alcohol, tobacco, gambling or debt repayment, or anything that is illegal.

A personal health budget cannot be used to buy emergency care - for example if someone in receipt of a personal health budget had an accident, they would go to A&E like everyone else - they would not use their personal health budget to arrange for an x-ray, or get a broken leg set or plastered for example.

A personal health budget also cannot buy primary care services such as seeing a GP or dental treatment. You are also not able to purchase things that are currently commissioned under NHS services or private procedures such as elective surgery.

Other services, or alternative interventions, that deliver health benefits could be included, subject to agreement in the plan.

If you deliberately misuse your personal health budget then the CCG may stop your direct payment and potentially undertake actions to recover funds.

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